December 11 | Farewell but not Goodbye

Last Friday (December 11, 2015), marked our last meeting for this semester. Since this will be my last blog post, please allow me to express my thoughts in Filipino/Taglish. Sige na Ma’am last blog naman na 😦

Sobrang thankful ako na ikaw po ulit naging prof ko for this sem. Kase, feeling ko pag nagtuturo kayo, parang kaibigan ko lang yung nagtuturo saken. Para bang friend in a higher standard position. Sobrang tagal ko na kayong prof, since first year pa (except nung 2nd year kase 2nd sem ko lang naman kayo naging prof). Naranasan ko na yung pagiging moody nyo, pag walk out sa room and of course sermon. Pero okay lang. Parang iba pa rin siguro yung dating sa akin pag “Ma’am Kit” ang prof. Para po kayong teenager. Di kayo mahirap kausapin kase parang cool lang kayo. Comfortable para sa aming students. At least alam namin na di kayo masungit pag i a-aproach na. Sa tingin ko, isa kayo sa mga professors ko na sobrang successful na. Nung first year ako, nasa HP pa lang kayo. Ngayon, Globe na. Ma’am libre naman dyan ng plan o. Hehe joke lang po. Ibang klase din kayo ma’am. Thank you sa lahat ng advices na naibigay nyo samin, sa klase nyo. Good or bad. Kahit 7am tayo ma’am. Nakakatamad talaga gumising sa totoo lang. Pero sige lang. Sa lahat ng hugot nyo ma’am, wow the best talaga yun. Kaya nyong mag pa active ng class ng isang snap lang. Isang hugot lang mag re-react na kaming lahat. Kahit hindi lang sa hugot. Iba kase talaga yung aura pag kayo na yung nag tuturo. Iba yung dating. Ang hirap mag explain ma’am haha! Salamat sa lahat lahat lahat ma’am.

I know we’re not that close. I’m not that active in your class. But I do appreciate you. As my professor, and also a person. Thank you for everything ma’am. Good luck with everything, love life, career and all. I hope we’ll see each other again so soon. With that I must say, Farewell but not Goodbye


-Dea Villegas



November 5 | Lifecycle & Transition

Hello Ma’am! Long time no see. I was not able to attend to our make-up class because I’m no really feeling well that day.

1st hour: No quiz that day. HOORAY!! Usually the first hour of the class is dedicated for the quiz, but since we don’t have a quiz that day, our professor discussed Module 8. The discussion is a bit fast because ma’am mentioned that she have a meeting/appointment. It’s fats but I can still cope up. Not fast in a way that I can’t understand a thing she is saying

2nd hour: Discussion continued till 8:10 or 8:20 I believe. Then after the discussion, there’s a group report. Our class that day is very quick. Because of the appointment ma’am have to attend. Our class ended before 9am if I can remember correctly

P.S: Ma’am, you’re blooming that day   :’)

October 6 | P-R-E-L-I-M-S

Prelims. . . . prelims . . . . The night before the prelims, I was cramming. I have to review more than 70 slides. I have difficulty when it comes to memorizing terms. Even if I understand the question, I cannot recall terms really well. I slept around 1 am or 12:30am. I woke up around 4:30am and browse my reviewer again. After I ate my breakfast, I browse my notes again so that I won’t forget the terms.

On my way to school, I’m still reviewing. Elective is the only subject I have to take that day that’s why I reviewed a lot. Before the exam begin, I’m completely nervous because I might forget things. And then it’s already time to take the exam. HOLY COCONUT. I find the test hard. Anyway I finished around 7:40 or 7:50 I should say.

I failed. 44/90 I failed. Couldn’t say more. I felt sad. Anyway. This is not yet final though.

Just now, I saw my temporary prelim grade. I failed. I cried. Half of myself  ask why did I fail, I passed majority of the quizzes and I wonder why. Half I know the answer. I did not perform good enough to pass the course. This is not the end though. I’m sure I can makeup for the lost points for me to pass. Finals is mine. I will pass elective.

September 24 | Case Analysis

1st hour: We had our quiz. And hella yea! I passed. After the quiz, different group presented their minor and major projects.

2nd hour: We discussed about module 5. And our instructor explained about our case analysis

3rd hour: CASE ANALYSIS. I thought it will be really easy. But it’s tougher than I thought. I’m kinda pissed to one of my group mate (technically he really isn’t), he does not cooperate well. Anyway, we managed to finished them on time thank goodness.

September 3 | Global Sourcing

1st hour: Again, we had our quiz. I had a hard time answering the question. Agh I don’t even know why. I passed though. HALLELUJAH yes. Oh! Ma’am even locked the door. For me, it’s right that the late comers were locked outside because we arrived early in school. After the quiz, we had our discussion about Global Sourcing.

2nd hour: We continued discussing until 8:30 I assume. Then after the discussion, the 2nd group reported about the bad and good habits of a company.

3rd hour: We’re dismissed early.

August 27 | Service Management

1st hour: We had our first quiz and yes I passed hurray! I must admit I haven’t read the instruction well. I got 26 out of 30. It is a pretty decent score for me yes. Then after the quiz, our group reported about the bad and good practice of companies.

2nd – 3rd hour: Our professor tackled the in depth meaning of our specialization track and also shared some tips when looking for a job. She also shared some experience in her past working company

To sum up the meeting, I did pass our first quiz (yaay!) And I’m more (more more more) enlightened about Service Management.

August 20 | Birthday Card Activity

August 20, we had an activity for us to know our track, Service Management, more. In that activity, we’re supposed to assign ourselves into different tasks (manager, logistics, designer 1 & 2, etc.) I’m designer 2 in the given task. At first I thought, what does this have to do with our specialization track.

We are asked to do birthday cards. In doing this cards, we’re not allowed to stand up, we’re in need of focusing ourselves into the position we’re assigned. We’re in “different countries” so how will we talk to each other if we’re distributed in other places. Someone is in charged of talking to our client. We’re asked to do birthday cards with shapes and confetti like shapes. Round 1, round 2 and round 3, we’re able to satisfy the client’s requirements because he’s asking for simple ones. Unlike the other clients, I noticed they’re giving tough requirements.

What I learned about this activity are, you cannot just give out all materials because that can be a result of us not having an income. If I cannot comply with the client’s requirement/s, I have to think of an alternative to do his order/s in time.

At the end of the activity, I’m enlightened much more about the track I chose.